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The directory -revamped-

You will find here the complete list of all our players, names, various accounts and aim address. I'll try to update it regularly! I'll add you to the list as soon as post an introduction or if you reply to this thread.
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Teh Picture Game!

A new edition of our how oh-so-popular picture game!

Rules are simple : post of Beatles-related picture and make an in-character comment about it (you can choose to be whoever you like, for the thread), then request whom you'd like to be the subject of the next picture. The next person has to post a picture following this request of yours, and make another in-character comment about it, before requesting something else? Got it? No? Well, see the example below.

This is just a fun little thread, no pressure, feel free to be silly. You can be anyone you'd like without creating an account, for the time being ^^ Also, all role-players here are invited, but lurkers too, if you'd like to join, you're welcome!

Request Thread!

Request thread, darlings!

This thread is for you to request and propose role-play ideas! It can be anything you like :

Review Thread!

By popular demand, here is a thread to leave us reviews, comments or questions about Nothing Is Real! Whether you are a role-player, a passionate follower or just a lurker, feel free to use this thread to tell us what you think of the threads you played in/read, or ask us any question about the game! It's also a place to chat with role players if you'd like, request things or propose ideas, or even just horse around with your characters ^^ Play nice, though!

If you have something to say about a thread or about this website, please do not comment directly in a rp thread, do it here!

The Archives!

Nothing is Real : the Archives

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The picture game!

A little game for all of you who want to role play without plans or constraints. Here is the rule : you will find pictures under the cut, comment by making in character remarks about them. You can mock or praise, and of course reply to what people said before you. Have fun!
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THE RP HAS NOW OFFICIALLY STARTED! I'm going to make this community friends only from now, to avoid any problem with LJ. You may start as soon as you want, hope you have fun ^^

Requests and propositions

So, I decided to create this thread for all of you who want to request or propose something for the role play. I'll just fill it with the things you suggested in the introduction post for now, do post a comment if you want something added or removed. I really hope this will help you all to find ideas and others players to rp with you!
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Introduction post

Application template below. You don't have to answer all the questions if you don't know/don't care. You may join the game at any moment!

Name (your name or regular LJ account):
Characters played (for each, LJ account and aim if you have one) :
I like my role playing : in present tense/past tense, first person narrative/third person narrative, long and elaborate/short and lively :
The things I would like to role play :
The things I WON'T role play :
How did you find us? (not a trick question, just tell us whether you saw us on LJ, tumblr, good ol' google ^^) :
Anything else you'd like to say?

EDIT : Actually, we found out that it is much simpler and dynamic for new people to post an introduction thread instead of replying here. So just copy/paste this appliction and make a thread to say hi, tagging it with 'introduction' and the name of your account!

Read them please, especially if you're new around here. And do feel free to pm me if you have any question ^^

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